Well its awesome that you want to read about us, we'd love to put our heart out and share with you our past, our present and future plans. It was time when fashion had to be defined on a new platform and we wanted to make something beautiful to everyone out there who desire to be a part of the new fashion era, it took us around a year to build this wonderful piece of Website/App. As in all organization we too had to learn from our failures and keep learning from our mistakes and build a great platform, everything just for YOU!, While we worked hard  we also knew we had to keep up to the latest technology out there and hopefully we have been successful to keep up to it. Well all organization has their ups and downs we too had a wonderful ride from one failure to another and finally the best thing is out here as we could have imagined. Moving on to our present we are here and keeping on doing the things we do at our best! and will never let you down on your expectation, we are also working hard to "Design your Dreams" and will never stop doing it. Our future plans are just to give u the best Online Shopping experience and keep Designing your Dreams of Fashion. We'll having said that we would like to thank you for your effortless support to us and to tell you that we are what we are only and only because of you.

Thank you

Team Meencart